Henoko Blue

The canoe team for protecting Oura Bay, Henoko, Okinawa, from construction of a new U.S. military base



Second sit-in-on-the-sea on October 25th!

In one more month, the second sit-in-on-the-sea will be held in Henoko!! We've already receive inquiry from a first-time participant. Here is the flyer (in Japanese only). PDF data is also available, if you need. Please print out and pass... Continue Reading →


How was the sit-in-on-the-sea on July 25th?

Almost one month has passed since we gathered at Henoko for the sit-in-on-the-sea. Today, we are sharing a video of the sit-in on July 25th to those who participated in it, those who couldn't, and those who want to be... Continue Reading →

Mastigias papua (Jellyfish)

I’m just wondering what is jellyfish’s mind when it’s floating in the water. I feel like to be jellyfish just for a day. The encounter with innocent life in the water such us jellyfish heals my tiredness from the... Continue Reading →

151 people took part in the sit-in-on-the-sea at Henoko

Thanks for the everyone who took part in the sit-in-on-the-sea on July 25th! During the peaceful action on that day, the construction work did stop temporarily. It proved that we could stop the construction if hundreds of people gather in... Continue Reading →

New embankment work has begun in Henoko side

As most of you might already know, an another embankment work has begun. Crushed stones had been piled up to make what is called “K9 Seawall” in Oura bay thus far, and the temporary road construction work has begun near... Continue Reading →

Innocent life

“K9 Seawall” is the area where embankment work has begun in the first place at Henoko. One day, workers dropped crushed stones into the water to extend the seawall near from the so-called leisure beach for Camp Schwab-based Marines. According... Continue Reading →

Media advisory: Sea parade with 100 canoes at Henoko, Okinawa“No” to construction of the new U.S. airbase!  Fill Oura Bay with canoes and boats!

July 11th, 2017 Anti-Helicopter Base Council Media advisory: Sea parade with 100 canoes at Henoko, Okinawa “No” to construction of the new U.S. airbase!  Fill Oura Bay with canoes and boats! Media are invited to a parade on the water... Continue Reading →

The messages of solidarity from overseas

Here we introduce the messages of solidarity, support and encouragement from overseas!! Please send your message to us by July 20th! ***** Greetings! I am writing to send a short message of solidarity for the Sit-in-on-the-sea on July 25th. I... Continue Reading →

For participating the Sit-in-on-the-sea with canoe

Thank you so much for having interest in the issue of the U.S. military base construction at Henoko, Okinawa, and the Sit-in-on-the-sea on July 25th. We have received some questions regarding the Sit-in-on-the-sea. Today, we’d like to tell you about... Continue Reading →

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