When we’re rowing in Henoko, we encounter a range of living creatures.


Because we paddle on our canoes, we usually can’t capture what we see in photographs, but on this day near the end of the year, we saw sea turtles swim right under our canoes for a long time, as well as a school of small fish dancing on the surface of the water and a heron standing on a float.


Since it was close to the year-end holidays, there were only two canoes out on the water. Still, we cooperated with the two boats that were out with us to monitor the work being down to the K9 and K8 seawalls and protested the construction that was taking place.






The following day was to be the last day of construction work before contractors went on their New Year holidays. But I wished that the construction would stop forever. I wished that the dump trucks and the excavators and the cranes would all stay away. The creatures of the sea must have all felt the same.

December 26, 2019

English translation by C.K.