On Dec. 14 soil and sand were dumped into the waters off the coast of Henoko.

Soil and sand were dumped upon the consensus of the people — that we don’t need any more military bases or want to destroy the beautiful sea — and upon the creatures living in the ocean in Henoko.

It was a day of strong winds.

Maybe our pleas that soil and sand not be dumped into the ocean were drowned out by the wind, and the workers couldn’t hear us.

Is this the end? Must we give up now?


Our forebears, who have long fought this battle, taught us that no matter how many times we are pushed down, we must get back on our feet once again and raise our voices: “We don’t want any military bases!”

Many in the struggle to stop the construction of a new base in Henoko have been treated cruelly in the past. They suffered numerous setbacks, but they refused to give up and continued to raise their voices. It’s thanks to them that we’re here today.

It’s thanks to the efforts of those people. And all we have to do is to continue their struggle.

We’re not ready to give up. There’s still much we can do.

December 14, 2018

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by C.K.