Last year, on November 6th, the seawall construction began on the Henoko side, and since then the dumping of stones has been steadily progressing, so that in just half a year five seawalls have reached their planned lengths. Their total length is approximately 1.5km (as of May 15th), and it is a critical situation in which before long two seawall enclosure areas will be made. If the construction proceeds as it has been doing, an ocean area of approximately 8 baseball stadiums will be separated from the open sea before July when the land reclamation work is scheduled to begin, and the corals’ habitat, the Dugong’s feeding ground, the beach on which the sea turtles lay their eggs, the boulder areas where the terns make their nests, these places will be destroyed, and so many different forms of living creatures will be dispossessed of their homes.

A military base can only lead to a world of war, so let’s go out to sea together on canoes and ships to stop the construction and save the sea of life for future generations!

Date: Monday, June 25th, 2018

Time and place of the gathering: 7am at Henoko Tent 2 / From 1pm there will be a solidarity rally at Henoko Beach

  • It is necessary to apply in order to participate in the sit-in-on-the-sea!

If you wish to participate, please send an email to with: (1) your name (2) your contact information (3) whether you will board a ship or ride a canoe

Application deadline: Monday, June 18th

Even if you have sea kayak / canoe experience, we ask all to participate in our sea kayaking lessons before the sit-in-on-the-sea. If you’ve had no experience before, it might take at least 3 days for practicing. Please contact us for further information!

  • We’re looking for messages!

Please lend us your voice in a message of solidarity. A Henoko Blue member will read out your message at the rally on the day. Messages in English are also welcome!

Please send your message to


May 23, 2018

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by I.K.