Today, April 25th, marks exactly one year since the landfill-dumping construction of a new military base started at Henoko. We organized a sit-in on the sea. There was participation from 83 canoe boats (83 people) and 8 ship vessels (130 people) for a total of 91 vessels and 213 people. As for the beach, 258 people came to rally.

With the previous two sit-ins on the sea, our large numbers prevented construction from taking place. However, we saw today in the morning that there were as many as six trucks loaded with rubble on standby, on top of the already-completed K3 embankment. The canoe members protested against the landfill-dumping construction by passing the oil fence, worked together to demand the halt of the construction, and managed to get the construction suspended!! It may only have been for several minutes, but we managed to halt the rock-laying.

Those of you who bravely came out to the site, those of you nationwide and across the world that sent messages, those of you who held meetings of solidarity in your local areas, those of you who send your thoughts out in sympathy to our cause, we managed to halt the construction because we all worked in unity together. So much life in the ocean has already been killed. But there is no way we are giving up. At this point we can still stop the construction. So we should all be as one at the Henoko sea and raise our voices together!!

April 25, 2018

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by I.K.