As most of you might already know, an another embankment work has begun.

Crushed stones had been piled up to make what is called “K9 Seawall” in Oura bay thus far, and the temporary road construction work has begun near from Henoko beach since this week.


A photo above is on June 8th in the morning. The oil-spill containment boom (so called oil-fence) has placed, and Japan Coast Guard (JCG) officers made a line behind the oil-fence. It is only the waist-deep water around here, even when the tide is raising.


Dump trucks came in every 10 minutes, and crushed stones with noisy sound.
A digger only gathered those stones carried by dump trucks, and it did not put stones in the sea. However, we couldn’t stop worrying about the safety of JCG officers standing near form the stones.

In the afternoon , the workers tried to set up the floating orange buoys instead of the oil-fence.
We approached and protested against it, but U.S. military personnel and so-called Gunkei (Japanese guard men undertaking a security in the U.S. base) came out to warn us about the possibility of arrest if we would not get out from that area.

We still kept protesting carefully, but Gunkei shouted “arrest them!” and jumped into the sea without wearing life vest. We went backward a little, and faced each other for a while. In the end, the floats were set up.


The men with yellow life vest and white helmet are JCG officers, and men wearing black T-shirt are Gunkei. Although the water was just up to the knee because of ebb tide, is it okay for them to jump into the sea without any survival equipment?

Gunkei were standing in the broiling sun as Japan Meteorological Agency issued hot-temperature warning on that day, however, U.S. military personnel who came out with them were in the shade of trees and just watching us.

Since new construction work has been begun in the Henoko side, the behavior of U.S. military forces seemed to be changed. Around this construction area, it is easy reach offshore walking in shallow water during low tide. We’re not sure it is related to their behavior or not, but recently U.S. military personnel monitors carefully, and Gunkei tries to capture us not just giving a warning.

We need to be careful about U.S. military’s “intervention” to our protest. And also we hope more and more people to join the protest action with canoes. If there are many members, they would keep their hands off, I guess.

The construction works have been already proceeding in several places in the same time, so we need to have more members to monitor and protest against the work in each area…

Everyone might be busy with own job or something to do, but you can come and join us any day, anytime when you have time. Let’s keep on protesting in sustainable way!!

July 1, 2017

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by T.S.