July 11th, 2017
Anti-Helicopter Base Council

Media advisory: Sea parade with 100 canoes at Henoko, Okinawa
“No” to construction of the new U.S. airbase!  Fill Oura Bay with canoes and boats!

Media are invited to a parade on the water on July 25th, to mark three month-anniversary of the commencement of embankment work in Henoko, Okinawa. The sea parade will be held using 100 canoes and protest boats against the ongoing construction work, and also to display people’s intent to stop the airbase construction peacefully. Canoe teams and protesters will hold banners and placards with solidarity messages in more than ten languages during the sea parade. 

The Japanese government began embankment work in Henoko, Nago-city, Okinawa, on April 25th, as the first stage of land reclamation for the U.S. Air Station Futenma’s replacement facility. Since that day, bagged stones, crushed stones, and soil have been dropped into the sea by crane. Okinawa’s last intact and healthiest coral reef, supporting world-class marine biodiversity, is threatened with destruction.

However, citizens who aspire to protect the natural environment and who long for a world without war, will not give up until construction is abandoned. The canoe team of the Anti-Helicopter Base Council, a citizen’s group, have continued to protest every day on the sea. Also, in front of the Camp Schwab gate, citizens continue sit-in protests from early morning to prevent construction vehicles from entering the base. 

When: 25 July, 2017 
1) Sea Parade – on board from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*Media are recommended to cover the parade on a boat. It is possible to get off a boat at noon.

*Please reserve a seat in advance (by 23 July) through Email, seasavehenoko@excite.co.jp. We will inform you of the meeting place and time by return Email.

2) Protest Rally at Sedake Beach: 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Where: Nago-city, Okinawa Prefecture 

Basic information about construction of the new U.S. airbase at Henoko is available. The report and photos of the sea parade will be provided to the media after July 25th. 

Contact: Mio Nogawa, Email: seasavehenoko@excite.co.jp