Here we introduce the messages of solidarity, support and encouragement from overseas!!

Please send your message to us by July 20th!



I am writing to send a short message of solidarity for the Sit-in-on-the-sea on July 25th.

I have had the opportunity to visit Henoko several times in recent years and I always come away from my visits inspired by the many people there resisting the construction of the new base. There are many reasons this base should not be built. It would endanger the environment, people’s health, and relationships of peace around Asia and the Pacific region. Most importantly, the people of Okinawa have said “no” to this base. You have said it loudly, and you have said it over and over again for two decades. Because you are on the side of peace, justice, democracy and healthy communities; it means that there are millions of people around the world that support you. The more people hear the story of what is going in Henoko, the more supporters you will have. As an American I know that it is very important for me to educate other Americans about what my government is trying to do in Henoko. I hope that, in that small way, I can lend solidarity to you all and support your righteous struggle.

by Sasha Davis, USA

Hi.I am Minhazur from Canada.I am against us bases in Okinawa.No U.S. Base at Henoko” or “Save the sea of Life.” I support Sea life At Henoko. Do not give up.

by Minhazur Rahman, Bangladeshi (live in Canada)

If more Americans knew about this terrible situation at Henoko they would be as outraged as I am. Okinawans have suffered a lot from the U.S. military presence, and this massive new base adds to the suffering with major environmental destruction. Meanwhile Americans suffer budget cuts for essential services while harmful and needless military spending on projects like this drains our treasury. I send solidarity to you and admiration for your struggle. Save Henoko’s bay!

by Susan Webb, USA

Hawaiʻi stands in solidarity with the Loochoo islands in our battle against colonization, militarization, and imperialism.

by R.H., Hawaiʻi, The Hawaiian Kingdom

No U.S. Base at Henoko!!

by Miki Takada, U.S.


And we have also got many short messages for Placards in different languages.

Please send your messages in your language, too!

All who stand for peace, a healthy environment, and justice stand with Henoko
For protect nature!
For protect every living thing on the earth!

¡No a la construcción de la nueva base de EE.UU!
¡Protegemos el mar!
¡Proteja el mar!
Construimos La Paz

Non à la construction de la nouvelle base américaine!
Protégeons la mer!

Nej till konstruktionen av den nya amerikanska militärbasen!
Skydda havet!
Bevara freden!

바다가 운다. 전쟁기지 공사를 중단하라!
오키나와와 제주는 하나다. 기지 공사 중단하라!
생명평화의 바다에 군사 기지 절대 안돼!! 기지 공사 중단하라!!


জীবন সমুদ্র সংরক্ষণ করুন

Tetum (Timor Leste)
Mai Ita proteje tasi!

Pashto (Afghanistan)

Save People’s life in Okinawa
We don’t want US military base in Okinawa

Urudu (Afghanistan)

We don’t want to US military base in Okinawa
From Afghanistan

Tagalog (the Philippines)
US Navy Lumayas na Kayo! Bumalik na Kayo sa US!
Walang bagong Navy Base!
Alagaan ang dagat!
Huwag sirain ang dagat!