Thank you always for your interest in the issue of the U.S. military base construction at Henoko, Okinawa, and your continuous support for our protests against the construction on the sea at Oura bay, Henoko.

Even if you are too busy to come to Henoko, even if you live too far away and irritated with yourself not being able to fly, you can participate in the Sit-in-on-the-sea on July 25th with all of us, by sending messages. Please join us to protect the peace, beautiful ocean and our hopeful future!

There are two ways to join as the followings:

1. Send your message of solidarity, support and encouragement in Japanese or in English.

On July 25th, a member of “Henoko Blue” will read your message in public on behalf of you.

In the message, please write your 1) Country of origin or residence, 2) Name or initials and 3) Affiliation (optional).

*There is a possibility that we cannot read all the messages if we receive a lot. However, your message will be posted on this website in any case.

2. Send us a short phrase in your language for Placards such as “No U.S. Base at Henoko” or “Save the sea of Life.”

Henoko Blue will make placards with your language written and hold up on the sea during the sea sit-in. It would be appreciated if the message is accompanied by English translation.

For both purpose, please send your messages to; by July 20th.


Wenn Sie gegen den Bau des Stützpunkts in Henoko sind, schicken Sie uns bitte Ihre Message.



จากสนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ ถึง โอกินาวา ด้วยสายการบินราคาถูกพีชแอร์ Peach Air สามารถมา โอกินาวาได้ในราคาเริ่มต้น 5000เยน

รักษาธรรมชาติและทะเลของเกาะโอกินาวา เพื่ออยากให้นักท่องเที่ยวคนไทยทุกคนได้เห็นแนวปะการังที่สวยงาม และธรรมชาติของโอกินาวา




The placard will be like above.

We will be looking forward to receiving the messages from peace lovers all over the world. Thank you very much in advance!

June 25, 2017

Original  post (Japanese)
English translation by N.K.