Day by day more concrete blocks are being dropped on Oura Bay. Difficult days continue as the ocean is destroyed right in front of our eyes.

Still, we cannot allow this construction to continue, so Henoko Blue canoe members and Dream Fleet members are doing whatever they can to stop it.

Today we’d like to announce that a book written by canoe team member Medoruma Shun will be published in translation in French.

After joining us on the canoes at Henoko, he has been working nearly every day, writing on his blog and submitting contributions to the newspaper.

He’s a person with a powerful energy, and I thought it was amazing to have him as a friend, so one time I asked him, “How do you write articles?”

His answer was that he cuts back on sleep and writes instead, and also comes early in the morning to be part of the action at Henoko. As expected, it seems tough.

In Medoruma Shun’s work, he writes about Okinawan life, culture, and life living with the bases. I’m no literary genius and can’t explain his work well, so for those who have already read it, this explanation is probably unsatisfactory, however…

The healing image of Okinawa’s island landscape that comes to mind for a lot of people is described in his work, but also what’s under the surface of that – stories about the people who actually live in Okinawa. I suppose that reading his work made me think “Ah, Okinawa also has this different side.”

By all means, everyone please try to read his work. I recommend “The Crying Wind.”

Also, if you have any friends who can read French, let them know that his work is now available in French translation!

June 1, 2017

Original post (Japanese)

English translation by A.H.