On Saturday, May 13, we were on standby after the regular meeting in the morning. Then it started raining as the weather forecast said. Heavy downpour continued intermittently.

We decided to take time off from protesting, after checking out the construction work was also off because of the heavy rain.

It’s great pleasure for us! Because ongoing embankment work in Oura Bay stops for a temporary period of time, a heavy rain turns into “nice weather” to us.

One another pleasure was homemade boxed lunch. On every Saturday, voluntary groups prepare lunch for us, Henoko Blue members, and we all are looking forward it!

On May 13, one of the voluntary groups named “Uruma sisters” brought lunch boxes to our tent. A main all the side dishes in the plastic lunchbox with the message were filled with their love. We savored each and every bite with great gratitude.

The message from Uruma Sisters. “Arigato (Thank you)”.



Even though there are only a dozen members of Henoko Blue paddle to the construction site in Oura Bay each day, we are able to continue to struggle together with those supporters. We believe that they are also the members of Henoko Blue!

As you know, each one of us is so unique. The social status and surroundings differ from one person to another. What one can and cannot do is not same either. That’s why a way of expressing could be diverse. Each one of us can freely express how one felt facing the landfill work in Oura Bay.
There should be numerous ways of protecting the nature, the future and our dream.
I believe we can make a difference in different ways through expressing freely, such us singing, dancing, drawing, talking to the family or friends…
“How could we stop landfill work?”
An answer to that question I’ve found today was as noted above.
Let’s keep on trying what we can do!

May 13, 2017

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by M.N.