Some people would think that the landfill work starts in full swing in Henoko, Okinawa prefecture. However, this is a manipulation tactic. Please set your mind at rest. The sea of Henoko has not reclaimed!

Today, the construction work was scheduled from the morning on the beach of the Oura-bay side in U.S. Marine Corps’ Camp Schwab, and it seems that construction workers were carrying out a ground-breaking ceremony in order to ensure the safety of the construction work. It is absurd to pray for safety, because military base by itself would continue to pose a danger, if that was built here.

On the beach, not only construction workers, but also personnel of the Japan Coast Guard are lined up along the coast from cliffs to the float that shows the off-limit construction site in the sea. Also, personnel of the Okinawa Defense Bureau, the Okinawa Prefectural Police, U.S. Military Police, and U.S. Military Media are there.


One group of some old men, who look high officials and formally dressed in traditional Okinawan Kariyushi shirts, stand out strangely on the left side of the beach. They are lined up behind each other in front of a long table with white tablecloths.

Then, at 9:15 a.m., a crane began to move with the signal that the men pressed a prepared button for the ceremony.


Crushed stones in net bags, that is called “zabuton” (flat cushion), are craned and workers began laying them on the edge of the water. And we, protesters in canoes, tries to enter the restricted area in protest against the work.

The zabuton bags are lined up one after another at a fast pace. After 20 minutes, the five bags were laid. Then, the old men left the beach. The “groundbreaking of the main construction work” was finished easily.

Around lunchtime, as the tide is low, the zabuton bags, that were originally laid in the sea for landfill, were lined up on the beach.


After the “groundbreaking of the main construction work”, the construction of the temporary road, which is illegal work without application to the prefecture, was continued, but it was also finished at 2 p.m., earlier than usual.

The Japan Coast Guard did not do anything rough today, probably in order to hold the ceremony by the high officials without any problems. Or, they may be called to hail themselves as “we are firmly guarding”.

It seems that most members of the Japan Cost Guard whom we have seen in Henoko were mobilized there. As there were no replacement personnel, it seemed that they could not eat lunch.


To sum up, the “ceremony” held for the massive campaign of “the groundbreaking of the main construction work of landfill in Henoko” was poor stuff and outward.

We need to avoid that people would misunderstand that the sea of Henoko has been landfilled with such a ceremony.Still the sea has not been destroyed. Let’s remove the stone right away. At the same time, we hope that the U.S. base will be removed by the heavy machine that are used for the reclamation work.


April 13, 2017

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by Y.S.

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