170310The season of fresh greenery has come in Yambaru (the northern part of Okinawa island).
It’s getting warmer in seawater gradually, and we can even swim on sunny day!

The spring is the season for a new encounter.
Wouldn’t you like to move on to a new challenge?

Even though you feel like visiting Henoko, it might be not easy to arrange some time to fly to Okinawa…
Dear reader, especially if you are a student, the spring holidays would be a big chance!

In Henoko, you would have opportunity to gain the wisdom for living, called JIMBUN in Okinawan language.
You would enjoy the lessons on the nature, the history, the culture, the music, the physical exercises and the language by means of YUNTAKU (talking with the people).
All of them are free charge!

And we’d like you to feel the beautiful sea in Henoko, Oura Bay.
Every Sunday morning, we are opening free lesson on canoeing for the beginners.
The details are on the following page (in Japanese only);

If you are able to stay longer in Okinawa, or/and to come to Henoko regularly, there is possibility to join the protest with us.

* For the sake of safety, you need at least five more days to master canoe technique before joining the protest. If you are interested in, please contact us before visiting Henoko.

The members of Henoko Bule are so various in terms of the age, living place, job, hobbies and the frequency of canoeing.
What we have in common is a strong will to protect the sea of Henoko.

We’re waiting for you!

10. Mar. 2017

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by M.N.