On Friday, Feb. 10, the temperature in Nago only went up to around 13
or 14 degrees Celsius. The winds rolled down the surrounding
mountains, hitting Oura Bay hard, making it feel as though it was even
colder than it actually was.

The previous day, perhaps due to poor weather and water conditions,
construction work on the water, including the lowering of concrete
blocks into the sea, had been stopped.

But on this day, we were able to confirm the presence of workers on
the crane ship.

It was cold, there were harsh winds, and the waves were foaming. The
conditions were too dangerous for lowering concrete blocks into the

This video was taken from the Dream Fleet’s Heiwa-maru 1.

We, too, wanted to protest on the water, but decided it would be too
risky to try and get close to the action on our canoes. So instead, we
stayed on the shore in our canoe tent, checking our canoes and doing

On days we can’t go out on the water, we members get a chance to chat
with each other, doing things that often get put on the back burner.
It’s hard to have conversations out on the water, anyway. So we laugh
a lot, and recharge so that we can go on to fight the good fight the
next day.

Some among us have only recently graduated the canoe course, and just
began going out on the water with us. Oura Bay in the winter is rocky
and cold, but we work with each other to prevent accidents.

There also are people who don’t go out on canoes with us, but are
ready with hot coffee for us when we return to shore. We’re so
grateful for such support.

Those of you out there who are a bit afraid of going out on the water,
or are curious but want to learn more about what we do: why not come
see us at the canoe team’s tent? We’re usually out on the water during
the day, but get back to the tent in the late afternoon. If you come
by around then, we might look busy as we clean up, but not to worry.
Give us a holler, and we’ll try to answer any questions you have as
best we can.

It’s still a bit chilly around these parts, but why not start out with
a chat? We look forward to meeting you!

12. Feb. 2017

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by C.K.