Around 9:30 a.m. on Feb.7, we saw the very first concrete block* was dumped into sea.

And then, workers dumped large concrete blocks one after the other in quite short time than we might imagine.

The officers of Japan Coast Guard act like they only watch sea is being destroyed.

* for creating undersea silt curtains to “reduce environmental impact” before coastal embankment.




Can we do nothing but watch each act of ecotage? We feel so sad thinking about it.


Our canoes are too small. You might see small dots near from the orange line, which is floating fence.


A huge survey ship, the Poseidon a heavy-duty dredge ship, two crane ships, many boats of Japan Coast Guard stay in Oura Bay. And an airplane with powers of U.S. army is flying overhead.


U.S. Marine Corps Osprey aircrafts also passed overhead as if they own Oura Bay, even though one of the Osprey aircrafts has just crashed one month ago.

07. Feb. 2017

Original post (Japanese)
English translation by M.N.