Henoko Blue

The canoe team for protecting Oura Bay, Henoko, Okinawa, from construction of a new U.S. military base

[Photo gallery] The cradle of life

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Not Giving Up

On Dec. 14 soil and sand were dumped into the waters off the coast of Henoko. Soil and sand were dumped upon the consensus of the people — that we don’t need any more military bases or want to destroy... Continue Reading →


Protesting at the Ryukyu Cement pier

As you’ve likely heard from news reports, between Dec. 3 and Dec. 6, soil and sand intended for reclamation work off the coast of Henoko in Nago city for the construction of a new U.S. military base was transported out... Continue Reading →

Preparatory work for reclamation resumes

As you may know, because Japan’s Land Minister Keiichi Ishii issued an injunction against Okinawa’s retraction of the landfill permit for Henoko, preparatory work for land reclamation in the coastal on Henoko was resumed by the Japan’s central government from... Continue Reading →

[Photo gallery] July 2018

One part of the sea of Henoko was enclosed

On July 19th, one part of the sea off the coast of Cape Henoko that is one section of the landfill area was enclosed. Around 2.30pm, we thought that the two seawalls called the K4 seawall and the N3 seawall... Continue Reading →

4th Sit-in-on-the-sea We will not allow the Henoko landfill

Last year, on November 6th, the seawall construction began on the Henoko side, and since then the dumping of stones has been steadily progressing, so that in just half a year five seawalls have reached their planned lengths. Their total... Continue Reading →

The crushed lives

Seawall construction has started at the Henoko side, and the landscape has drastically changed. Before, when the tide was out we could row as though sliding above the seagrass as far as the eye could see, but now it is... Continue Reading →

The state of the construction

The K3 seawall near the beach at Henoko has reached its planned length, and has curved to enter the K4 seawall construction. Furthermore, work on the N3 seawall that extends from Henoko Peninsula is currently suspended, with sacks containing crushed... Continue Reading →

The speech by a young canoe member

At the April 25th sit-in-on-the-sea, there was a solidarity rally on the beach, and canoe members gave speeches. One of the members is a youth that always nimbly slips through the Japan Coast Guard toward the construction site, sings songs... Continue Reading →

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